Meet the Captain

Captain Glen Gervais is a USCG Licensed Captain. He holds an OUPV 6 Pak License, as well as an Inland Masters and Near Coastal OUPV.

He has been seeking out fish of all species for over 40 years with a third of those years devoted to honing and refining the most productive methods to catch the most sought after species of the Lake Ontario.

Captain Glen has enjoyed a long and successful tournament fishing career with many wins along the way including the coveted and most prestigious trophy on the lake. The 2010 Pro/am series Lake Cup.

Captain Glens tournament accomplishments are too numerous to list, but here are a few of his most recent:

  • The Prestigious Combined 4 Event Lake Cup Trophy
  • Best of the East Pro/Am Trophy
  • Multiple 1st Place Finishes in Wayne County Pro/Ams
  • 2nd Place Finish in Oswego County Pro/Am
  • 1st Place in Niagara Pro/Am
  • 1st Place Wilson Salmon Slam Winner
  • And Many Other Top 10 Pro/Am Tournament Finishes

LOC Derby winners Taken Onboard Spoon-Fed:

  • 1st Place Salmon 2010
  • 1st Place Brown Trout 2010
  • 2nd Place Lake Trout 2010
  • Many Other Top 10 Placing LOC Derby Fish

Big Fish of the Competition Awards For:

  • 2010 Pro/Am Oswego
  • 2011 Pro/Am Niagara
  • N/K Big Fish Award 2011

Captain Glen Gervais 413-731-0650 or 413-519-3019